This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 875504



Efficient electric propulsion systems for aircraft

Electrified aircraft propulsion is the use of propulsors (propellers or fans) driven by electric motors to propel aircraft. The technology requires the development or refinement of several components to ensure the electric power for propulsion efficiently while keeping electromagnetic emissions within safety limits. The EU-funded EASIER project is an interdisciplinary collaboration between researchers from different countries who will conduct research on multiple topics related to electric power systems.

In particular, they will investigate filter systems that suppres electromagnetic interferance (EMI) and lightweight electrical wiring interconnection systems that limit EMI generation. What is more, they will examine how to improve heat transfer from electrical systems to the aircraft exterior.



Challenges presented by aircraft propulsion requires the development of new airborne technologies that enable expanding the electrification technology trend already impacting other areas, like ground transportation or the autonomous generation/usage of electricity from renewables, to efficient and economical air transportation. Those intended technologies must be capable of producing a highly efficient, lightweight, and compact aircraft electrical system that can supply the electric power for propulsion as well as for other uses while keeping electromagnetic emissions under safe limits compatible with airborne equipment operation and human safety. In addition, they shall control heat up of the system by enhanced thermal dissipation through a proper thermal management system.


With this aim, EASIER will bring together a multidisciplinary team in order to achieve the following objectives :


EASIER Latest News

EASIER Project Concludes Successfully: Achieves Goals with the Help of Partners and Key Members
May. 24 2023

The EASIER project, which is ending, was funded by the European Commission to tackle the Flightpath 2050 goals set across the European aviation field.

The vision set out in Flightpath 2050 goals stresses the need for an innovation-friendly environment relying on strong, sustainable and coherent investment in research and innovation and enhanced governance, funding and financing structures.”[1]

[1] European Commission, Flightpath 2050, europe’s vision for aviation, maintaining global leadership & serving society’s needs, European union 2011

EASIER in the EU Research & Innovation Magazine, HORIZON
Aug. 31 2022

Thank you to European Commission for featuring our EASIER research project in the EU Research & Innovation Magazine, HORIZON, in its new article on "Green aviation takes wing with electric aircraft designs."

"With the overall rapid growth of air travel, aircraft design is ripe for decarbonisation, but widespread electric flight requires better batteries and lightweight systems."

You can read the article following this link.

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Feb. 23 2022

The EASIER project is organising a Conference on the project on the first of June 2022.

We invite you to save the date in your calendar. Various subjects will be discussed. The agenda will be released soon.

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EASIER Consortium

To achieve the objectives a strong partnership is established among all members of the EASIER consortium from EU and US who will collaborate following a coordinated plan, with the Industrial Advisory Board and other consortium(s) executing areas 1-3 from the call.


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