This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 875504

Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre

NLR is a leading international research centre for aerospace. Bolstered by its multidisciplinary expertise and 
unrivalled research facilities, NLR provides innovative and integral solutions for the complex challenges in 
the aerospace sector. NLR's activities span the full spectrum of Research Development Test & Evaluation 
(RDT & E). Given NLR's specialist knowledge and facilities, companies turn to NLR for validation, 
verification, qualification, simulation and evaluation. NLR thereby bridges the gap between research and 
practical applications, while working for both government and industry at home and abroad.
NLR stands for practical and innovative solutions, technical expertise and a long-term design vision. This 
allows NLR's cutting-edge technology to find its way into successful aerospace programmes of OEMs. 
Founded in 1919, and employing some 600 people, NLR achieved a turnover of 76 million euros in 2017, of 
which 81% derived from contract research, and the remaining from government funds. Clients include 
defence and companies from the aerospace industry, civil aviation and space market. NLR focuses on 
making the aviation and space industry more sustainable, efficient, effective and safer. NLR’s innovative 
solutions and practical advices strengthen the market position of companies and contribute to societal 
The division Aerospace Systems of NLR includes the teams “Electromagnetic Technology and Antennas 
(ETA)” and “Energy Management (ENM)”. The first focuses on all electromagnetic challenges in aerospace, 
such as EMC and antennas, while the second has a special focus on thermal modelling and cooling solutions.

Role in the project

NLR, the aerospace research centre of the Netherlands, will be developing EMC models (in WP2) and 
Thermal models and cooling solutions (in WP3).

Personnel involved

  • Jesper Lansink Rotgerink ( male, MSc Mathematics, PhD candidate at University of Twente) – Medior 
    R&D Engineer – Electromagnetic Technology and Antennas Group –Expertise in EMC Modelling and 
    • Jaco Verpoorte (male, MSc Electrical Engineering) – Senior R&D Engineer – Head of Electromagnetic 
      Technology and Antennas Group – Expertise in EMC Measurements and Analysis.
  • Roel van Benthum (male, MSc Applied Physics) – Senior R&D Engineer - Energy and Thermal Management group - Coordinator/focal point for electrical power train developments for aerospace: fuel cells & batteries - Thermal analysis of High Voltage power networks in aircraft wing - Development of thermal analysis tool for prediction of cable temperatures for weight reduction and improved safety of aircraft wiring.
  • Henk Jan van Gerner (male, MSc Mechanical Engineering, PhD Physics of Fluids) - Senior R&D Engineer – Energy and Thermal Management group - He has extensive experience in the design and development of advanced two-phase cooling systems for both terrestrial and (aero)space applications. His current work is focused on numerical modelling of pumped two-phase cooling systems and prototype testing, and he will contribute to T3.1 in this project.
  • Arne te Nijenhuis (male, MSc Applied Physics) - R&D Engineer – Energy and Thermal Management group – Background in fluid physics. Now responsible for fluid and thermal modelling of the two-phase cooling system, as well as testing of subsystems of the cooling loop.
  • Edwin Bloem (male, MSc Applied Mathematics) - Thermal Control Systems R&D Engineer - Electromagnetics, Energy Management & Qualification  - Extensive experience in Aerospace R&D with main focus on thermal modelling, design and analysis, and multi-sensor data fusion.
Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre

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