This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 875504

GKN – Fokker Elmo

Fokker Elmo, an operational company is part of GKN, a €11.2 billion, aerospace, automotive and industrial 
corporation, is a leading player in the design, manufacturing and support of Electrical Wiring 
Interconnection Systems (EWIS) for aerospace and defence programs.
Fokker has about 2000 employees, including 70 engineers and technicians. Fokker Elmo’s innovative tools 
and processes support customers’ aircraft, aero-engine and defence programmes. Fokker Elmo has facilities 
on 3 continents and in 5 countries and thereby provides affordable and competitive manufacturing in 
strategically important regions.

Role in the project

FE is a manufacturer of electrical wiring and interconnecting systems based in the Netherlands. FE supplies 
cables harnesses to the major aircraft manufactures in the world. FE will be leading WP5 (Power EWIS) in 
which EMI and thermal solutions will be applied to power cables for hybrid/electric aircraft.

Personnel involved

Kees Nuyten (male) is Technology Team Lead at the Electrical System Technology R&D department in 
Hoogerheide, the Netherlands. He is responsible for the innovation of Systems Integration Optimisation and 
the EMC Technology Roadmap. He has a long experience in this field from including an exploitation view. 
He is experienced in collaborative national research programs for thermal and EMC modelling of Electrical 
Wiring Interconnection System (EWIS). He also participated in multiple European technology programmes 
for integrated product improvement with a multi-disciplinary focus (Clean Sky SFWA), IT related 
developments for Knowledge Based Engineering (3D-Testbench), electronic functions for electric power 
distribution and data communication (Victoria and CoCoPan) and EMC (EPICEA). He formerly worked at 
the Engineering department. His educational background is a Bachelor in Electronics at IHBO Breda and 
Innovation Management at Vlerick Business School Gent. In CleanSky SFWA he participated as 
Management Committee participant and WP-leader. In EPICEA he participated as Executive Board member 
and WP-leader.

GKN – Fokker Elmo

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Papendrecht, Netherlands