This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 875504

EMAG Design Ltd

CEMAG DESIGN is limited liability company registered in Poland. Company was registered in 2013 in 
Poznań, which is one of the biggest cities in Poland, as well as big technological and industrial center, with 
many technical universities and institutions. EMAG DESIGN is a Small company (in EU terminology) with 
4 persons of permanent staff, but it cooperates on contractual basis with many field experts and specialists.
The team of experts and specialists realizing EMAG DESIGN projects (scientific, research and development, 
prototyping and implementation) is covering following fields:
• Professors’ level of expertise: Electromagnetic and Electrical Engineering disciplines, Electrical 
Machines, Technical Electrodynamics, Applied Computer Science, Automation Systems, Mechatronics.
• Doctors’ level of expertise:
o Electrical Engineering: Electrical Machines, Mechatronics;
o Mechanics: Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics, Machine and Device 
Construction, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Drives;
o Other specialists in following disciplines: Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Automatic Control 
Systems and Robotics, Information Technology, Telecommunications.

Role in the project

EMAG is an innovative SME providing simulation, design and analysis solutions for electric machines 
among other industrial applications. EMAG will primarily perform modelling and simulation for electric 
machines and will also support trade-off study by evaluating the machine weight and volume for different 
system architecture, e.g. different number of phases. 

Personnel involved

Cezary Jędryczka: Cezary is PhD academic scientific researcher with 9-year experience at the 
Poznan University of Technology. He has collaborated and led a number of R&D projects related to 
electromagnetic transducers and their control systems. He is a participant and member of a number of 
editorial boards of international Conferences and Communities in field of electrical machines and 
numerical methods applied for solving electromagnetic problems, like Compumag, EPNC, ISEF, ICEM 
etc. He has also worked as a R&D Consultant Years for Emag-Design Ltd. In Poznan.

EMAG Design Ltd

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Poznań, Poland